80 Ford Thunderbird Service Manual

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Vauxhall Astra G Haynes Manual. Haynes Ford repair manuals cover your specific vehicle with. Thunderbird (1975 - 1982) Torino (1975 - 1976) Windstar (1995 - 2003) Popular Ford Car manuals. Manuals, Literature and Accessories. 1989 thru 1993 Haynes Thunderbird and Cougar Repair manual. I also have the original Ford wiring diagram sets for the 80's.

Manuals, Literature and Accessories from Thunderbird Ranch Shop Manuals, exact reprints of the originals. These are the bible for the Thunderbird owner who wants to keep his car in tip top shape. They will save time and money when repairs are needed. They cover pretty much everything about the car as far as repairs go.

They are available for the following years: 58, 59, 60, 61, 62-3, 64, 65, 66, and the cost is $38.00 plus shipping. (The 1960 is not an exact reproduction but is the same size and contains all the same information and a different cover than original) The 1967 shop manual is $45.00 I also have shop manual sets for the later models that include all the Ford model cars and consist of 5 volumes, each covering a different area of the car. Some used single volumes are also in stock at all times so please contact me if you are looking for specific information on your car. These sets cost $75.00 plus shipping. There are a few exceptions to the pricing as some are becoming fairly scarce. Just email me to check what I have for your specific application.

If you have a 'Aero style' Bird there are manuals called 'Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Guides' that are extremely valuable when trying to locate a problem in theses systems. These newer cars are more complicated and you can save some good money if you can cut down the time it takes to find the problem with one of these cars. Even if you take the car to a mechanic, this book should go along so he can reference it. They cost about $35.00 for the ones that I can get. Here is a partial listing of what I have in stock - - - - - - - - 1968 shop manual supplement (you also need the 1967 shop manual) ----- $25.00 (new) 1969 shop manual set, new, ----- $75.00 per set of 5 volumes, these are not always available 1971 - 5 volume set shop manual set, nice used, $ - 5 volume set complete, good used---$75.00 per set 1985 Car shop manual Part 2 of 2, Vol. B- Body, Chassis, Electrical, --like new--$ thru 1993 Haynes Thunderbird and Cougar Repair manual--new--$25.00 (I will help you locate a manual if you need one and I don't stock it) Assembly Manuals, reprints of the manuals used on the assembly line when these cars were built. They are the engineering drawings that show how everything is put together and what holds it in place.

The Electrical assembly manual also covers all the vacuum lines and components. There are part numbers for things such as bolts, clips and brackets. These books do not cover any repairs and are strictly graphical and contain no text on how to remove or replace parts.

They show where everything is supposed to be located though. The electrical manuals do include schematics as well as all the pictorials. Electrical Assembly Manuals are available for the years 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and the price is $15.00 plus shipping. Body and Interior Assembly Manuals are available for the years 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and the price is $25.00 plus shipping. Wiring Diagram Bookletscontain all the electrical schematics and also pictorials of how the stuff is located in the car. These are valuable when trying to find problems with any of the electrical systems on your Thunderbird and at the price are a must to have.

They are available for all years from 58 thru 68 at a cost of $6.50 plus postage. ( for 67 thru 71 I have vacuum and electrical diagrams that are extremely complete and detailed----email for more information) I also have the original Ford wiring diagram sets for the 80's Thunderbirds. A complete set runs about $22.00. Electrical and Vacuum Diagrams...

I have copies of these diagrams from the large format books that Ford had. For 67 thru 69 they include the vacuum diagrams. For 70 and 71 they are just the electrical.

These sets are very complete and if you ever need anything done with any of these areas on your car this is extremely valuable for whoever does your work price is $20.00 per set plus postage of $3.00 (unless ordered with other items. Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manuals... Am currently building a library of these manuals. They started making these in '78 from what I can tell. I have them from 78 and up into some of the present models and constantly hunting more down. I have a few extras for sale and will be getting more as time goes on.

Until then just contact me with your needs and I will see if I have your year. If I do not I can always copy the pertinant pages for you to help you solve your problem. Vacuum Diagrams for 1978 Thunderbird Free to download These diagrams can be accessed for free on the diagrams page.

Just look down the index for the link that says diagrams index and click there. You will be able to select the diagram you want and view on screen or download it for free.