Hotel Operations And Procedures Manual

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2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt V6 Repair Manual. GUEST SERVICES TRAINING MANUAL. Desk is to use the restroom or for hotel duties. Make sure to follow proper procedures for tax exempt customers.

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The front office is the heart of a hotel. It's the first and last areas guests see and interact with. How well the front office operates can create repeat business or drive customers away. A hotel's standard front office operating procedures will address everything from the appearance of employee uniforms to making guest reservations at local theaters. These procedures are crucial to a hotel’s continued financial viability. Reservations Responsibilities The reservations department is often the initial guest contact. Reservations procedures enable front-office staff to gather information from guests as a means of ensuring optimum service levels and generating a positive revenue flow.

Specifically, procedures might state: “All reservation employees will demonstrate warmth and friendliness in collecting guests’ names, addresses and contact information, in addition to the number of guests under the reservation and the number of nights required.” Reservations procedures may also require the notation of other relevant concerns, such as providing necessities for disabled guests and children. Check-In and Check-Out Procedures in place for guest check-in and check-out can create and maintain a positive guest experience by making the process quick and easy. Check-in procedures may dictate, “All hotel employees will consistently smile and sustain eye contact with guests, explain room amenities and offer refreshments if there will be a wait for an available room.” Upon completion of the check-in process, operating procedures may direct clerks at the front desk to immediately arrange for guest services personnel to assist with baggage and escort guests to their rooms. Guest check-out procedures might require that luggage assistance be made available from guests’ rooms to the front desk, that all details of hotel charges be fully explained and that guests not have to wait longer than a specified period of time to complete check-out. Guest Services Guest services, or bell personnel, typically include valet service, luggage assistance and maintaining availability for general guest assistance.