Ryobi Weed Eater Repair Manual

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Ryobi Weed Eater Repair ManualRyobi 780 Supreme Weed Eater Repair Manual

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If your string trimmer fails to start, check the spark plug first. Remove the plug, then reattach the spark plug cap, and lay the plug on the metal cylinder. Pull the starter rope and watch for a spark at the plug tip. If there is none, your trimmer needs a new spark plug.

Replace the plug and retest the spark. If the spark works but the trimmer still won't start, ensure your engine is receiving fuel. Push the primer bulb until fills with fuel. If it doesn't fill, the primary fuel delivery system is blocked and a technician is needed. If the bulb fills, but the engine won't start, your engine may be flooded. Refer to the owner's manual for your Ryobi model for instructions on clearing a flooded engine. If your string trimmer's engine starts but won't accelerate, make sure you allow the engine to completely warm up.

It takes about three minutes. If it still does not accelerate, contact a service center. If the engine starts, but only runs at high speed at half choke, your carburetor needs to be adjusted. Ryobi recommends a technician handle this job. If the engine doesn't reach full speed and emits excessive smoke, check the oil-fuel mixture.

Ryobi requires a two-cycle oil mix. Fill your trimmer with fresh fuel and the correct mix. Check the air filter and clean it, if needed.

Ryobi Weed Wacker Repair Manual

If the spark arrestor screen is dirty, allow a technician to clean it and investigate why. If your trimmer's string won't advance when using Ryobi's EZ Line tap advance system, check to be sure it's not out of string. Replace the empty string spool with a new one, if needed.

If string is on the spool, it may have welded to itself. Lubricate the string with silicone spray and it should release. The string may also be worn too short or tangled on the spool.

If so, try pulling the strings while alternating between pressing down on the spool retainer and then releasing it, until the string is freed. If none of these actions solves your problem, your engine speed may be too slow.

Advance the string at full throttle instead.

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