Scotts 3000 Spreader Manual

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Lebanon will not have calibrated their fertilizer for a homeowners spreader since they are designed for professioanl use. However, you can 'easily' calibrate it the same that pro doing your lawn would. Pros do not rely on the number on th bag -- they do it this way (as described on purdues website) Calibrating a Rotary Fertilizer Spreader 1. Measure the width of the effective pattern of the spreader: This is simply the distance from the center of the spreader to the edge of one side of the pattern.

Haynes Acura Repair Manual. Measure off a convenient distance to run the spreader: the longer the distance, the more accurate the calibration. Multiply number in step 1 by the number in step 2 to calculate the area covered by the spreader. ________ft2 4.

Weigh a portion of the product and dump into spreader. Push the spreader over the area previously measured in step 3, being careful to shut the spreader on and off precisely at the beginning and ed of the course.

Weigh the amount of product left in the spreader. Revtech Engine Installation Manual on this page. Subtract the number in step 6 from the number in step 4. This is the amount of product applied to the area you have measured. Divide the number in step 7 by the number in step 3 to give lb. Product per square foot.

________lb./ft2 9. Multiply the number in step 8 by 1000 to give lb. Product/1000 ft2 ________lb./1000 ft2 10. Adjust the spreader setting and repeat the process until the spreader is applying the recommended rate listed on the bag.

Before Using This Tool. This on-line tool includes spreader setting recommendations taken from the label of the product entered by the user. In all cases, the user should read and follow label instructions before applying any product. 3000 TM spreader. The Scotts Company introduced the first home lawn spreader in 1946 and has continued to offer. The Scotts Difference ® ACCUGREEN 3000 73730. The Speedy Green 2000 lawn spreader is manufactured by the Scotts Company as part of their product line of garden tools, seed and fertilizers. This broadcast spreader has a wheeled hopper on the front and a mower-like handle so you can walk behind it. This heavy duty contractor fertilizer and seed spreader This heavy duty contractor fertilizer and seed spreader features a 180° side baffle system to control the spread pattern. This unit features an enclosed gear box with metal gears yielding years of service. How do i calibrate my scotts speedy green 3000 broadcast spreader? - Scotts Lawn 73740 SPDY GREEN 3000 B/C S 3 question.

Scotts 3000 Spreader Manual