Sel Relay 710 Manual

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SEL-710 Instruction Section 10Testing and Troubleshooting Instruction ManualOverviewRelay testing is typically divided into two categories:➤➤Tests performed at the time the relay is installed orcommissionedTests performed periodically once the relay is in serviceThis section provides information on both types of testing for the SEL- 710Motor Protection Relay. Because the SEL- 710 is equipped with extensive selftests,traditional periodic test procedures may be eliminated or greatlyreduced.Should a problem arise during either commissioning or periodic tests, thesection on Troubleshooting on page 10.14 provides a guide to isolating andcorrecting the problem.Testing ToolsSerial PortCommandsThe following serial port commands assist you during relay testing. Bobcat T190 Service Manual. The METER command shows the ac currents and voltages (magnitude andphase angle) presented to the relay in primary values. In addition, thecommand shows power system frequency. Compare these quantities againstother devices of known accuracy. The METER command is available at theserial ports and front-panel display. See Section 7: Communications andSection 8: Front-Panel Operations.The relay generates a 15- or 64-cycle event report in response to faults ordisturbances. Each report contains current and voltage information, relayelement states, and input/output contact information.

If you question the relayresponse or your test method, use the event report for more information. TheEVENT command is available at the serial ports. See Section 9: AnalyzingEvents.The relay provides a Sequential Events Recorder (SER) event report that timetagschanges in relay element and input/output contact states. The SERprovides a convenient means to verify the pickup/dropout of any element inthe relay. The SER command is available at the serial ports.

Sel Relay 710 ManualSel Relay 710 ManualSel Relay 710 ManualSel Relay 710 Manual

Motor Protection Lab Experiment using SEL-710. This project develops a laboratory experiment based on the SEL-710 motor protection relay for use in Cal.

See Section 9:Analyzing Events.Use the TARGET command to view the state of relay control inputs, relayoutputs, and relay elements individually during a test. The TARGETcommand is available at the serial ports and the front panel. See Section 7:Communications and Section 8: Front-Panel Operations.Date Code 20120903 Instruction Manual SEL- 710 Relay.