Solidworks 2016 Software Manual

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Exercise 1 - Introduction to SolidWorks 2016. Basic Sketching, Extrusions, Fillet, Chamfer, Shell, Photoview, and Interface are covered.

You can control the following parameters in an assembly design table: • components – suppression state, referenced configuration, fixed or floating position • assembly features – dimensions, suppression state, size of Hole Wizard holes • mates – dimensions of distance and angle mates, suppression state • configuration properties – part number and display in a bill of materials (when used as a subassembly), derived configurations, equations, sketch relations, comments, custom properties, display states. Sequal Eclipse Service Manual more. Contents • • There are several different ways to insert a design table. • When you use design tables in the SOLIDWORKS software, it is important to format the tables properly. • When used in a design table, the names of dimensions, features, components, and configurations must match the name in the model.

Solidworks 2016 User Manual

To ensure an exact match, you can copy and paste the name from the Properties dialog box for the selected item. • • • • You can save design tables directly in the SOLIDWORKS software.

• If a model document uses a design table to generate multiple configurations, you can display the table in a drawing of that model. This way, a single drawing can represent all the configurations. • Select design table settings when you insert a design table. Introduction To Networking Answers Pearson Solution Manual.

• The Dimensions dialog box appears after you select the Auto-create option in the Design Table PropertyManager and click OK. The SOLIDWORKS software asks you which dimensions you want to add to the design table. • You made a change to the model, and the SOLIDWORKS software wants to know if you want to add the new configurations or parameters to the design table.